World Series Preview Podcast: Phils vs. Yanks

phils yanksThe reigning Champs vs. the most storied franchise in sports.  The 2009 Fall Classic might be the most anticipated sporting event for Philly sports fans in a generation.  In the latest BSB Podcast, Bry and Doogan preview the series, discussing how the teams will set their rotations behind their aces, giving a position-by-position comparison of the position players, and, of course, predicting who will come out on top.

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LATEST:  As most have probably heard by now, Brett Myers has replaced Miguel Cairo on the Phils roster, as the Phils go back to 12 pitchers.  I’m fine with keeping Bruntlett over Cairo, as he gives you better speed and defense.  Meanwhile, the Yankees have also added a pitcher to their roster to go to 12.  Hard-throwing righty Brian Bruney is on the roster, along with pinch-hitter Eric Hinske, who Phillies fan remember well, as he struck out to end the World Series last year as a member of the Rays.  The Yankees left catcher Francisco Cervelli off the roster, which might signal that Jorge Posada will catch A.J. Burnett in Game 2.  I know the only reason that Cervelli was on the roster for the first two rounds of the playoffs was so they could hit for Molina with Posada late in the game and still have another catcher on the bench.  With no Cervelli on the roster, it will be interesting to see if Joe Girardi still goes with Molina in Burnett’s starts.

BSB Podcast: NLCS Preview

stairs dodgersHead on over to to stream or download the new BSB Podcast, in which we preview the Phillies-Dodgers NLCS.

Bry and Doogan discuss the formidable Dodger bullpen, the ongoing questions/decisions surrounding the Phillie pitching staff, and give predictions for the series.

And, check in on BSB Thursday night during Game 1 for a live blog.

LATEST NEWS: Chan Ho Park and Eric Bruntlett are ON the NLCS roster, replacing Brett Myers and Kyle Kendrick, as the team goes with 11 pitchers instead of 12.  Park over Kendrick was a no-brainer, as Park has been on the Phils’ best relievers this season. Bruntlett back on is a bit surprising, but 11 pitchers is probably all that’s really needed in a post-season series.  The team probably decided they wanted an extra position player, and even though Bruntlett isn’t very good, at least he can play every position, can run the bases well,  and has been here before.

ALSO, all indications are that Pedro Martinez will get the Game 2 start tomorrow afternoon.  Again, I would go with Joe Blanton, but I have enough trust in Charlie at this point to believe he knows what he’s doing.  Interesting article about it on though, in which Charlie and Rich Dubee say Pedro threw the ball well in a simulated game on Tuesday, but Pedro sounds anything but pleased with how he did. 

The Dodgers have made an even bigger surprise move with their Game 2 starter, announcing that our old friend Vicente Padilla will take the hill, followed by Hiroki Kuroda in Game 3, and Randy Wolf in Game 4.  This seems like a mistake to me, and a break for the Phils.  I know Wolf isn’t great, but he’s better than Padilla, especially against this line-up.  The book on Padilla has always been that he can’t get lefties out, and he’ll be facing a fierce line-up in which 5 of the best 6 hitters will be swinging from the left-side of the plate.

First Ever BSB Podcast: MLB Playoff Preview

phils howardReaders, BSB has stepped into the next frontier of sports coverage: audio!  Bry and I have recorded the first BSB Podcast, and it’s available for streaming or download at the following link:

In the podcast, we preview the upcoming MLB playoffs, give our predictions for each series (all the way through the Fall Classic) and break down the pitching questions the Phils face as they prepare to defend their title.  Check it out!

If and when we do more of these things, we’ll post the link again here on the “mother ship”.