Only in Philadelphia?

Let’s get this out of the way- there is no excuse for the Westbrook popcorn incident (please know he is an evergreen member of my ‘very strongly dislike’ players list). He had a right to be furious. Low class move, it’s something none of us would want to happen to us while on a conference call. Ban this person. Now let’s move on.

Everything in life could benefit from some additional context. Have there been any other recent awful fan interactions, perhaps even that same night? Why yes there was, some Knicks fan SPIT on Trae Young. I would rather have popcorn dumped on me than be spat upon 101 times out of 100.

I’d be willing to bet a few mortgage payments that when we flash forward a few years, the incident from this night that remains in our collective memory is Popcorn Russ. Maybe there is a reason for this though? Russ is a bigger star, at least for now- but I think a few people have heard of this Trae Young guy. So nothing here. Was only one of these games on national TV? Nope, wrong again. Maybe the spitting incident happened in a small market? Nevermind, it was in New York and the other was in Philly… wait a second, the 215 was involved. Bingo!

The bottom line? When it comes to Philly, the national sports media is lazy and awful. How do I know that they are lazy? That’s because it’s made up of people and people are lazy, clueless followers whenever they can be. They have been relying upon and building the same case against Philly since a few throwballs were tossed at a cheap version of the man in Red (back when the world was still in black and white). Yes, there are terrible Philly sports fans, but it’s the same with EVERY fan base. The proof is a very simple equation- there are morons everywhere and sports events allow alcohol.

So, the other bottom line: To all of the Phanatical phans at Philadelphia sports events- please stop doing dumb things. Don’t give the internet and the talking heads the opportunity to degrade the best city (in sports).