Game 4 Reactions- Sixers x Wiz

In between the lines

Tyrese Maxey can play ball. And to think, it was seriously discussed that we trade him (along with probably Danny “all I do is win” Green) for Kyle Lowry. He belongs in the Association and he might just play some very meaningful minutes in some very meaningful games in a few weeks. His shot keeps looking better, he has become a threat on the defensive end and he is absolutely fearless in attacking the rim.

As the voice of our Sixers might say, Tyrese Maxey turned an otherwise garbage night into gold.

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The bottom line

The Sixers are just fine (if Embiid is fine). The Washington Izards was barely able to earn their first W, and the chances of them getting their second W seem small (if Embiid plays next game). Nearly everything broke their way, including dominating the paint (because Embiid’s back… Knee… Eyebrow… lie to me all you want if this was just for precautions). The bottom line- if Embiid is healthy so are our title chances. So basically, everything we knew already.