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A few stats- Tobi is averaging 25 points in the playoffs, up more than five from the regular season. He’s also pulling in 10 boards per game. Ben recorded a triple double and hit (quadruple checks notes) over 50% of his free throws. Seth dropped 30 (with only three 3’s) and Maxey continues to prepare himself for the role of the difference maker in an upcoming playoff game. Also, it’s always nice to have single-digit turnovers after the BB era.

Another bit of good news- 12 wins to go is less than 13 wins.

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The bottom line

Today, I received medical advice via video from a doctor- the esteemed Dr Bartolozzi, to be specific. Normal for these COVID times, right? It was about a slight meniscus tear, a relatively normal injury. However the diagnosis was not for myself, nor for anyone in my immediate family. It was for a person that I have never met (but admittedly care about very deeply). Prior to watching the video, I flip-flopped between ‘I have to watch this ASAP’ and pushing it off for fear of the unknown.

This is still normal, right? Probably not. But nothing is normal about being a sports fan, particularly one from Philadelphia. There’s no chill, joy is fleeting and there is an ever-expanding sense of doom. However, the good doctor seemed to be hinting at good news.

Here’s the bottom line- and what I will be repeating to myself (even if this is one of those night I’m wavering): Trust the Process, and that Jo just needs 2+ weeks of rehab. Let’s worry about it then. If we cannot beat the Hawks without Embiid, we aren’t beating the Nets with a completely healthy Jo.

But the bottom, bottom line- If Jo is not okay come the ECF, I’m coming for your medical license Dr Bartolozzi.

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