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This One Will Hurt Forever…

“Time heals all wounds.” Nope. Not true. Not all wounds. Most wounds, maybe, but not all wounds. Not this one. It’s not “gonna be okay.” There isn’t “light at the end of the tunnel.” And, there sure as salt aren’t … Continue reading

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An Orioles Postseason – Unusual Territory

NOTE: This is another fantastic post from our intrepid Baltimore correspondant, Gross! *Writer’s Edit:  This was written prior to Mounty landing on the IL.  If his injury lingers and he starts the postseason down, I still don’t want Hicks on … Continue reading

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Phillies Postseason Roster?

One of the most interesting aspects of playoff baseball is thinking about which 26 players do we want to deploy against a given opponent. The Marlins are a scrappy team that can be dangerous, but are decided underdogs, particularly on … Continue reading

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Ravens – Week Two

Post from our on-site Baltimore beat writer, Gross, who had technical difficulties getting this up and posted. He’s always a good read! ++++++++++++++++++ WAKE UP – It’s Week 2 – Ravens Sunday Stop me if you have heard this one … Continue reading

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Eagles Week One: It’s Hard to Win in This League

It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t overly encouraging, but the Eagles are 1-0 and they got there with a road win over a team that might be better than many may have thought coming into the season. The Chiefs got … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Top Twelve: Most Hateable Active NBA Players

I think it’s a good time to bring back one of our old regular features, Tuesday’s Top Twelve.  We were appropriately afraid that “Top Ten” lists would get too trendy, so we do Top Twelve.  We were not appropriately afraid of … Continue reading

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Documentation of the All-Time Greatest Edition of Our Nation’s Greatest Sporting Event

Like Puccinelli before me and Herodotus before him, I am but a humble scribe simply tasked with the documentation of the historical events unfolding before my eyes.  This year’s NCAA Tournament is only 1/3 of the way to crowning a … Continue reading

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An Overly Analytical Look at the Eagles Schedule

 ORIGINAL ANALYSIS:  11.0 wins WEEK ONE UPDATE:  Loss at Atlanta…10.35 wins WEEK TWO UPDATE:  Loss vs Dallas…9.75 wins WEEK THREE UPDATE:  Win at Jets…10.05 wins WEEK FOUR UPDATE:  Loss at Washington…9.30 wins WEEK FIVE UPDATE:  Win vs New Orleans…9.50 wins WEEK SIX … Continue reading

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The 2015 Philadelphia Eagles – New and Improved?

I honestly (and only partially tongue-in-cheek) can’t wait for the inevitable 30 for 30 documentary on the 2015 Eagles offseason.  To be honest, if the Birds had traded up for Marcus Mariota in the draft, you could make a really good … Continue reading

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BSB’s 2015 Sixers Draft Guide

I started this last year with a list of the players I liked or didn’t like in the draft, and it seemed to turn out pretty well. But, I must give the caveat that I am a MUCH bigger fan … Continue reading

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