BSB’s 2012 NFL Preview

UPDATE 8-27-13…Final Results Below in RED

(Originally posted 9-4-12)
For those of you unfamiliar with the preview, instead of the typical, been-done-again-and-again season previews, we like to make a game out of our previews, along with being informative.  What we do is kind of a draft process, where we try and decide whether we think a team will get better or worse from last year’s record.  Then, at the end of the year, we see who did a better job of predicting.  It’s interesting to see just how different the seasons of some teams turn out, in retrospect.  Check out our past previews to see what I’m talking about.  Doogan took our first one in 2008, 17-15, but Bry responded with a come-from-behind 17-15 win in the 2009 version.  In 2010, Doogan won by the familiar 17-15 score.  And, then last year, Doogan absolutely dominated, 19-13, to become the first back-to-back winner of the NFL preview.  Bry is trying to get back some dignity from last year’s brutal defeat.

So, on to this year’s NFL Preview, BSB-style.  Doogan picked first last year, so Bry is on the clock…

1). BRY – Green Bay Packers – UNDER 15 wins: This is not because I think the Packers got any worse.  And, it is not because I do not think they are the best team in the NFC – I think they absolutely are.  I also think that their defense will be a lot better this year than last, and their offense should be just as explosive, with the game’s best player leading the way.  So, have I lost my mind picking the Pack and the UNDER with my #1 pick?  Maybe.  But, I just believe that, no matter how good you are, everything has to go right to win 15+ games in the NFL.  I still think they will probably win 13, maybe 14.  But, I will wager against them winning 15 again…this from a guy who got his first pick wrong last year…

FINAL: 11-5…Bry 1-0
Pretty comfortable point for Bry here with the #1 pick, as the Pack was good, but not 15-1 good.  Bry even oversold them at 13 or 14 wins.

2) DOOGAN – San Francisco 49ers – UNDER 13 wins: I’ve said before, my favorite teams to pick against in this game are the ones that made a big leap the previous year.  The Niners jumped from 6 to 13 wins last year, and rarely is a franchise’s ascendance that easy.  Maybe Jim Harbaugh is the next Lombardi or Belichick or something, but meeting the now high expectations will be a challenge.  The defense is top-notch, but can Alex Smith repeat last season’s success? Doubt it.  Will Randy Moss contribute or just be an poor performing distraction?  I say the latter.  With road games at the Packers, Jets, Saints, and Pats on the slate, the easy divisional competition is off-set.  Niners repeat as division champs, with 10 wins.

FINAL: 11-4-1…Doogan 1-1
The NFC Champion 49ers actually score a point for Doogan on the UNDER, as they “only” picked up 11 wins.  Doogan’s division champs and 10 win prediction was very close.

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