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Stefanksi Makes His First Move

This morning, new Sixers GM Ed Stefanski made his first move since taking over the team last month, trading Kyle Korver to Utah for Gordon Giricek and a first-round pick.  The trade has very little to do with Giricek or … Continue reading

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Oh, What a Day!

So, as of Wednesday night, my semester is over.  With all this newfound time, I was worried that I would not be able to find something to do to keep me busy on a lazy Saturday (you know, other than … Continue reading

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Andy Reid Tells His Story

We have discussed Coach Reid and his family situation several times on this blog, and I think my opinions are clear, so I do not want to rehash what I’ve already written.  Just want to say that I’m extremely impressed and … Continue reading

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BSB In-Attendance: #7 Duke vs. #9 Pitt, Madison Square Garden

Last night I headed back over to MSG for some college hoops, this time to see two undefeated (both 10-0), top-10 teams square-off in the Aeropostale Classic.  I wasn’t aware that anyone had actually worn Aeropostale clothing since about 1999, but … Continue reading

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Tell Me I’m Crazy…

Okay, this may be another running segment because I think and do some really stupid things and I need people to tell me I’m crazy.  We shall see. Anyway, someone tell me I’m crazy for thinking that the San Diego … Continue reading

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Phils Sign Jenkins

The Phillies signed Geoff Jenkins today, beating out the Padres, with a two year, $13 million deal, with an option for a third year.  As I wrote a couple days ago, Jenkins will probably platoon with Jayson Werth in right field … Continue reading

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Why Do We Believe Andy Pettitte?

Honestly, I have no idea. What would you do if you were Andy Pettitte?  You just signed a major contract to come back for one more year before retiring as one of the most successful pitchers of your generation.  But, … Continue reading

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Phillies Hot-Stove Update

It’s been a month since my last Phillies off-season update and a lot has happened, just not, unfortunately, for the Phils.  Pat Gillick and company have been desperately searching for pitching help, and also looking to add an outfielder and possibly … Continue reading

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

Where does Brian Westbrook’s “non-TD” in the final minute in a week of fantasy football playoffs rank among the greatest moments in sports that didn’t actually matter in the game?

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Some Things Just Never Change

I just want to preface my halftime comments with the following: I am not normally a very negative person when it comes to Philly sports, honestly  I think Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in team history I think Andy Reid is … Continue reading

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