BSB Question of the Day

As a Temple fan, given a 4- or 5-seed, what are you looking for in tonight’s selection?  For the first round, do we want a middling big-conference school (like Minnesota or Washington or Illinois) or an upstart small-conference school (like Old Dominion or Siena or Wofford)? 

And then (not assuming anything), for the corresponding 4- or 5-seed second-round matchup, would you like to see a pretty good big conference team (Vandy or Purdue or Tennessee) or a very good small-conference team (BYU or New Mexico or Butler)? 

Finally, which #1 seed do you think Temple matches up with best as a possible Sweet 16 opponent (again, not assuming anything past the first round)?

BSB Question of the Day

Which team would not make this trade?  Any of them?

  • Rams get  Michael Vick and the Redskins first round pick (#4 overall)
  • Redskins get  Donovan McNabb and the Eagles first round pick (#24 overall)
  • Eagles get the Rams first round pick (#1 overall)