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A Mini-Inquisition on the NBA Playoffs

Basketball is such a game of matchups and adjustments, individual duels and coaching tete-a-tetes.  And, because of all of this, it really lends itself–from the spectator’s viewpoint–a perfect sport for the series.  This is why I love the NBA playoffs.  … Continue reading

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

Should Dwight Howard be suspended for Game 6 tomorrow night? I think there is no doubt.  The elbow was clearly flagrant, it was clearly intentional, and it clearly connected.  So, just about by definition, that is a suspension.

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

How great is it that the Eagles beat the Giants to Jeremy Maclin? Answer:  Pretty great.

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

How early is too early to be concerned about the Phillies pitching staff?

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Yet Another Pet Peeve

The term contract is from the Latin word contractus, meaning “undertaking a transaction or agreement.”  In English, the word is defined as “an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons or entities in which there is a promise to do … Continue reading

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BSB Live Blog WEEKEND: Sixers, Phillies, NFL Draft, and more

It’s shaping up to be a great sports weekend, so I’m going to attempt something that has perhaps never been done: a live blog WEEKEND.  Now, I know the weather is supposed to be amazing all weekend, but in between … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Top Twelve – Best Andy Reid Acquisitions

In the wake of the great trade pulled off by the Eagles, Tuesday’s Top Twelve will be dedicated to trying to find the best 12 acquisitions that Andy Reid has made during his decade at the helm of the Eagles. … Continue reading

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One More for Harry

I know that the Harry Kalas story has been done a lot, but honestly, it’s all deserved, so I have one more post for him.  In the past couple of days, a lot of the national media and various players have … Continue reading

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BSB Movie Review: Sugar

Tonight, I went out to a theater and saw Sugar, a movie about a fictional Dominican baseball player and his path from the baseball academy in his native country to the minor leagues in the Midwest.  One of the cliches that’s repeated numerous … Continue reading

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Through Tear-Stained Eyes…

There is just something about a baseball announcer that is unlike anyone else in the life of a sports fan.  It is different than a favorite player or coach.  It is even different than announcers of other sports because, well, there is just … Continue reading

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