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Some Heartaches are Heavier Than Others

In the zero-sum game that is the NFL playoff system, there are 12 winners and 20 losers–no exceptions.  And, if you ask the people from New England or San Diego, they will probably both tell you that it is not … Continue reading

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Quick Hits from Baseball News

–Dodgers call Adam Dunn:  The interpretation by some appears to be that the Dodgers aren’t going to just wait around for Manny, and they’re considering Dunn as an alternative.  I think that’s non-sense.  The Dodgers are not dumb enough to … Continue reading

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Best Day Ever in the NFL

Glorious.  Ridiculous.  Hilarious.  Perfect.  These are just some of the words that repeatedly came to mind as I watched the Eagles dismantle the Cowboys.  Hilarious was probably the winner though.  As Joselio Hanson sprinted down the sideline for a 96-yard fumble return to make it 41-3 … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Conference Season

The New Year, to me, does not mean the exciting conclusion of a college football season (though, it could mean that if they ever got their acts together and made a playoff)–it means the exciting beginning of the college hoops … Continue reading

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

Has there ever been a regular season NBA game with more hype than the Christmas Day game in LA between the Lakers and Celtics?

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Holiday Sports Watching

-I watched some of the fourth quarter of the Poinsettia Bowl last night, which TCU won in a tight one over Boise State.  I don’t how long ESPN has been doing this, but they had something called “Interactive Tuesday” happening … Continue reading

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

Has there been a more frustrating game–start to finish–for a team’s fans than the Eagles-Redskins game on Sunday?

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The True Eagles Fans are Rooting for Dallas Tonight

I know that sounds like heresy, but I’ve thought long about about this (I spent an hour at the gym with nothing else to think about) and here is my reasoning: I’m working under the assumption that 9-6-1 won’t be … Continue reading

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Winter Meetings Recap

Here is my quick-fire recap of the action (much of it rumored) of last week in Las Vegas.  And, you can trust me on these things because, well, I was there. Phillies sign Raul Ibanez.  As Doogan touched upon, this … Continue reading

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More Ridiculous Statistics

1). With Matt Ryan leading the Falcons to their 9th win of the season, they tie the all-time NFL record for wins in a season by a team with a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach.  Interestingly enough, they … Continue reading

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