The Ridiculous Stat of the Day

The Phillies have only allowed 366 runs against them this year. 

  • The other 31 teams right now average 473 runs against.
  • The only other team under 400 is the Giants (394), but they have actually been outscored on the year (393 runs scored and, along with the lowly Padres and Mariners, are the only teams who have yet to score 400).
  • They have given up over 100 runs fewer than three of the five real NL contenders – 111 fewer than Milwaukee, 112 fewer than Arizona, and 127 fewer than St. Louis.
  • And in the AL (granted there is a DH and just better offenses, in general), the Phils have given up 65 fewer runs than the Yankees, 98 fewer than Boston, 105 fewer than Texas, and 138 fewer than the Tigers.  They have even given up 47 fewer than the Angels and their great “run prevention” team.

By the way, they are also averaging 4.4 runs per game on offense.

Ya, this team is pretty good…

More Ridiculous Stats (NBA Draft Edition)

Sorry this is two weeks old, but there were some amazing stats dropped at the NBA draft.  Here are just a couple that I remembered:

1). Blake Griffin had 30 double-doubles last year for Oklahoma.  This was the second most ever, the most since 1986, and the most in a major conference ever.  The only other players with 30 or more were David Robinson’s 31 with Navy in 1985-86, Xavier McDaniel’s 30 with Wichita State in ’84-85, and Jerry West’s 30 with West Virginia (then a member of the Southern Conference) in ’59-60.  I think this is a pretty good indication of just how dominant Griffin was last year for the Sooners.

2). This year is the 7th straight season where the son of an NBA player was selected in the first round of the NBA Draft.  This year there were three first-rounders with NBA dads–Stephen Curry, Gerald Henderson, and Austin Daye.

3). Hasheem Thabeet had 62 more blocks than personal fouls last year.  This number LEAPT out at me.  I mean, honestly, 62 more blocks than fouls?!?  That’s insane.  I still do not think he is going to be a great pro, but that is a ridiculous statistic.

4). Lawrence Frank is the longest-tenured NBA coach in Eastern Conference.  Really?  Wow, this really shows you how quickly NBA coaches turn over.

5). Gerald Henderson only played in SIX NCAA tournament games (3-3) in his three years at Duke.  Remember when Duke was a powerhouse?  Well, the fact that Henderson was only a part of 3 tournament wins is really a sign of the slip they have taken.  Granted, 6 NCAA games in three years is great for 90% of programs, but Duke is not 90% of programs.

6). Scott Skiles had 30 assists in one game.  Uh…wow!  He holds the NBA record.  30 assists is ridiculous.

More Ridiculous Stats

There are a lot of them today…

1). Jamie Moyer won his 250th game the other night, making him the 44th pitcher to ever reach the mark–and just the 11th left-hander.  That means that there have only been 10 left-handed pitchers in the HISTORY OF BASEBALL to have more wins than Jamie Moyer.  That’s ridiculous.  What is even more ridiculous is to think that one more win and he will be tied with…..BOB GIBSON!  What?!?  Would anyone believe that Bob Gibson and Jamie Moyer would have the same number of wins? 

2). The Padres had a recent 10-game hitting streak, in which they hit .197.  According to the Elias Sports Bureau, they won the first 7 games without getting more than 7 hits in any one of those games–no team had ever done that before.

3). All 10 of the Padres wins in the winning streak came at home.  Ironically, they had a simultaneous 10-game road LOSING streak.  That’s ridiculous that one team can have simulataneous 10-game winning and losing streaks and home and away.

4). The Yankees just played their 18th consecutive errorless game last night–a new Major League record.  Not coincidentally, they are 14-4 in that stretch.  I think a lot of the credit for the defensive turnaround has to go to Mark Teixiera.  That guy is AMAZING at first base.  Speaking from a former shortstop, a good defensive firstbaseman makes everything easier for the other infielders (thanks, Bonz).  Throwing the ball across the diamond is as mental as it is physical and if you do not feel like you have to hit the guy in the chest every time, everything is more relaxed and you actually hit him in the chest more often–if that makes any sense.

5). The Dodgers have averaged more runs per game WITHOUT Manny Ramirez than they had with him in the lineup.  They have EIGHT guys with 20 RBIs already.  A lot of it has to do with Juan Pierre, who is hitting like .420 in Manny’s stead.

6). Rick Porcello became the first pitcher in 25 years to win 5 consecutive starts before he was legally allowed to drink.  The last one to do it?  Doc Gooden.  Porcello is, already, a bonafied Major League pitcher and probably the #2 guy, behind Verlander, on a legit contender in Detroit.

7). Joe Mauer, in 28 games, has 11 home runs–just two shy of his career high FOR A SEASON.  This guy was a stud before he started hitting for power, but now he is literally one of the game’s three or four best players.  And, I am very glad he is having this power surge after the Steroid Era because, as I opined earlier, he is my #1 least likely guy in the majors to be on the juice.

8). Ivo Karlovic’s 55 aces in his first round loss to Lleyton Hewitt were, as of last round, still enough for him to lead the French Open without playing another match.  I know, I know, you are all probably sick of hearing me talk about tennis, but I don’t really care.  I think this goes to show you three things:  (1) Karlovic is one of the best servers on tour, (2) Karlovic has one of the worst all-around games on tour because he can get 55 aces on clay and still lose the match, and (3) Lleyton Hewitt, formerly one of the game’s all-time best at returning serve, may be staring at the end of his great, great career.

More Ridiculous Stats – the Clippers

NOTE:  I did a little research on Sterling Hitchcock (see comments from prior post).

I heard this the other day, and I just could not believe it, so this will have to stand by itself in ridiculous stats

1). The Clippers, throughout their NBA existence in three cities (Buffalo, San Diego, Los Angeles) have made 44 first-round draft picks.  TWO of them have ever made an all-star game.  Okay, this would be absolutely abysmal if it was a good franchise that always picked at the bottom of the draft (then again, they probably wouldn’t be good for long with that track record), but the Clippers are ALWAYS bad, which means they are always at the top of the draft.  And, to only get two all-stars with 44 first-round picks is laughable.  Doesn’t bode well for Mr. Griffin, huh?

More Ridiculous Statistics

1). Johan Santana has given up less than 2 earned runs in his last 12 starts.  Okay, this is absurd.  The best pitcher on the planet is just ridiculous.  Granted he doesn’t throw complete games, but still imagine knowing that every five days, your team is only going to need 2 runs and a bullpen to win a game.  Plus, with the 1-0 win over the Phils earlier this week, he now has six 1-0 wins in his career, which is pretty good, but nothing compared to…

2). Walter Johnson won THIRTY-FIVE 1-0 games in his career.  THIRTY-FIVE!!!  I think that the 1-0 game is the best game a pitcher can throw because he has to be on for every pitch.  Though it was a much different era, it is hard to say that there has ever been a pitcher as dominant as the Big Train, regardless of era.

3).  If you were to look at a list of the top ten home run hitters since 1980, you will see SEVEN of them lied and were directly linked to steroid usage.  The top 10 home run hitters since 1980 are, as follows: 

  1. Barry Bonds – About to go on trial for lying to a grand jury about his steroid usage
  2. Ken Griffey, Jr.
  3. Sammy Sosa – All of a sudden forgot how to speak English to avoid either admitting steroid usage or perjuring himself to Congress
  4. Mark McGwire – “Didn’t talk about his past” steroid usage.
  5. Rafael Palmeiro – Wagged his finger in denial and then got caught and suspended
  6. Alex Rodriguez – Lied to Katie Curic about his steroid usage, then his failed test came out
  7. Jim Thome
  8. Manny Ramirez – Claims to have a sexual disorder for which he was prescribed a female ovulary medication, also used to end a steroid cycle
  9. Frank Thomas
  10. Gary Sheffield – Claims to have never taken steroids, yet was named in the Mitchell Report

This is actually much more sad than it is ridiculous.  What is does do, however, is really accentuate the great careers of [apparently] clean sluggers Griffey, Thome, and Thomas.

More Ridiculous Stats – College Hoops (plus one)

  • Jamie Dixon needs only six more wins to set the all-time D-1 record for most wins by a coach in his first six years of coaching.  Dixon has 156 wins in 5+ years at Pitt, after taking over for Ben Howland.  The all-time record holder is Everett Case, who started coaching N.C. State in 1946, had 161 wins in first first six seasons.  Roy Williams, who started at Kansas in 1988 and Mark Few, who started at Gonzaga in 1999, are currently second on this list, with 158 wins in their first six seasons.
  • The St. Joe’s Hawks get fewer minutes from their bench than any other team in the country.  And, last year, they were second in this category behind Pacific.  It makes some sense, I guess, since the Hawks do not play an uptempo or pressing style and have a significant drop-off from starting lineup to backup players, but still, this has got to catch up to them, eventually, right?  Ahmad Nivens (the Big Five’s best player this year, hands-down) is averaging about 39.5 minutes per game.
  • UConn has the lowest fouls per game average in the country (12 per game).  And, going into last night’s game. Hasheem Thabeet had been the only UConn player to foul out of a game and it only happened once.  Which makes last night’s performance by Pitt even more impressive, as they forced 19 fouls by UConn, including Thabeet fouling out in 23 minutes and Kemba Walker fouling out in 24 minutes.  I have a feeling that the injury to Jerome Dyson is going to be absolutely HUGE when we look back on this season.
  • There is only one player in the history of baseball to have 200 home runs, 300 stolen bases, a .300 batting average, and a .400 on-base percentage.  I’ll give you a couple hints as to who it is:
    • He is among my all-time favorite Phillies
    • He holds the record for most home runs in a home run derby
    • Yes, the Angels get the biggest steal of this crazy baseball off-season by signing Bobby Abreu for $5 million.  You would think that, given the boldface fact above, that, on the free-agent market, a player of that caliber would command beaucoup bucks…I guess not in 2009.


More Ridiculous Statistics

1). With Matt Ryan leading the Falcons to their 9th win of the season, they tie the all-time NFL record for wins in a season by a team with a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach.  Interestingly enough, they tied the record held by…the 2008 Baltimore Ravens.  Yes, before this season, the record for wins in a season by a team with rookies at quarterback and head coach was SEVEN.  Both the Ravens and the Falcons have rookies at QB and head coach, and they are both 9-5.

2). With Kurt Warner’s resurgent season, he has set the franchise record for career 300+ yard passing games as a Cardinal.  Now, the Cardinals haven’t exactly had a long, storied tradition of great passers (hell, the record he broke was held by Neil Lomax), but still, do you think Cardinal when you think Kurt Warner?  Not at all.  I thought this was weird…and ridiculous.

3). Kerry Collins has passed Jim Kelly for 14th all-time in passing yards.  Read that again.  If Collins comes back as a starter in the NFL next year and has an average year (2,500 yards), he will pass JOE MONTANA into 10th all-time.


Another Ridiculous Statistic

Wow, listen to this CRAZY stat I just heard:

In Division Series history, 29 times has a team won the first two games of the series, and in TWENTY-EIGHT of them, the team that won Game 3, won the series.  Think about that:  28 of 29 times that the series started 2-0, the winner of Game 3 won the series.  Fortunately for the Phils, 21 times the team that was up 2-0 completed the sweep.  7 times the team that was down 0-2 came back to win the series.  Only ONCE did a team start 2-0, then lose Game 3, but still win the series.  Kinda weird, huh?

More Ridiculous Statistics

1). Of all regular players in MLB, Jimmy Rollins has the lowest on-base percentage when leading off an inning (.242).
Yes, that is on-base percentage, not even batting average (which still would have been bad).  This is especially bad considering Rollins is a LEADOFF HITTER!  Oh, and to make matters even worse, Ryan Howard (the Phillies’ #4 hitter) has the second worst when leading off an inning, which means that the Phillies are likely to start each of the first two innings with 1 out and nobody on.  Ugh.

2). The Mets have the best run-differential in the league for innings 1-3 and the worst run-differential in innings 7-9.
Though it makes sense at first glance, both of these statistics surprise me.  Yes, the Mets have a great offense, but their starting pitching is not that good, so I am surprised that they have the best run-differential through the first three innings.  And I am even more surprised by the second statistic.  Yes, their bullpen is in shambles, but what happens to their offense in late innings?  And, is their bullpen really that much worse than the Pirates or the Astros or the Mariners–all of whom have much worse offenses?

3). If the Tampa Bay Rays hold on and finish the season with the best record in baseball, they will be the first team since the 19th century – in ANY major sport – to go from the worst team in a sport to the best in one year.
Yes, there have been teams that have gone worst-to-first, but that was always talking about a division.  It, apparently, has never happened – in any sport – over the entirety of the sport.  Come to think of it, the Celtics were pretty close, but they had the second worst record in the league in ’06-’07.

4). Rich Harden has pitched 49 innings for the Cubs since being traded from Oakland, and he has 70 strikeouts…yes, SEVENTY!
That is unbelievable.  I think it is tapered a bit because he rarely pitches more than 6 innings, but that is a ridiculous amount of strikeouts from a starting pitcher.

5). Coming into tonight’s game, Jamie Moyer has 14 consecutive starts in which he has given up 3 or fewer runs.
[DISCLAIMER: I am watching the game right now, and this streak may be about to end, considering the start the Mets have a 3-0 lead in the second inning.]  This stat is incredible considering Moyer is 45 years old and I can throw harder than him.  The depressing aspect of this great streak is that he is only 5-4, with 5 no-decisions through this stretch.

More Ridiculous Statistics – Dominance

1). Michael Phelps has as many gold medals in this Olympics than Great Britain, France, Spain, and Russia – combined.  In fact, if Phelps were his own country, he would be tied with South Korea and a Phelps-less USA for second in gold medals.
Obviously, the dominance of Michael Phelps is remarkable, but this really puts it into perspective.  Wow!

2). Michael Phelps has more career gold medals (11) than the entire history of India (8).
This is even more remarkable.  Granted they are not known for their athletic achievements, outside of maybe squash and cricket (both non-Olympic events), but India has more than one billion people and has competed at 22 different Olympiads.  Phelps is one person and has competed at 2 Olympiads.

3). Babe Ruth hit 54 home runs in 1920.  That same year, the St. Louis Browns were second in the AL in home runs–as a team–with 50.  The 1920 Boston Red Sox hit 22.
Now, I know that this Babe Ruth stuff has been done and done again, but this is absolutely remarkable.  This one guy hit more home runs than any other TEAM.  His individual total was almost TRIPLE that of the entire Boston team.  Oh, and by the way, George Sisler was second in home runs, behind the Babe, with 19.  That is utterly ridiculous.

4). The difference between Tiger Woods’ #1 ranking and Phil Mickelson’s #2 ranking is a wider margin than that between #2 Mickelson and the 110th ranked player in the world.
I apologize for not knowing or understanding the point system than goes into ranking golfers, but I do not think that it makes much of a difference, considering the sheer ridiculousness of that stat.

5). Roy Oswalt is 21-1 against the Cincinnati Reds.
Now, I do love the random stat, but this one is ridiculous.  Yes, I know that Roy Oswalt is one of the best pitchers on the era.  And, yes, I know that the Cincinnati Reds have really struggled during Oswalt’s career, but TWENTY-ONE and ONE?!?

6). Entering their recent 3-game series, Ryan Howard was hitting .114 against the Pirates, with 34 strikeouts in 70 at-bats.
Say what you will about Ryan Howard and his low batting average and high strikeouts, but these numbers are mind-boggling.  He is not anywhere near this bad, and the Pirates do not exactly have a lights-out pitching staff.