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Super Bowl Thoughts – Coming… (tech difficulties)

Here are some (mostly) non-PSI related random musings about the upcoming Super Bowl.

-This is the best pure football matchup in a Super Bowl that I can remember. I was excited about last year’s, but not to the same level. On paper, this is so fascinating (which means it will probably be a dud).

-There are a ton of interesting matchups all over the field, but the one I am most interested to see is Kam Chancellor matching up against Rob Gronkowski. Now, we may not see this on every play, but the fact that we have maybe the two most physical (and talented) players in the league at their respective positions matching up is incredible. Throw in the unique personalities of each and the big stage, and we have ourselves some great drama.

-Another thing I am interested to see is just how much pressure the Pats bring. I almost always think that it is a good idea to pressure the QB, but this might be the one instance that I think it might make sense to be conservative – at least in the trenches. The D-linemen need to keep their gap integrity because Wilson is so good at getting outside and making things happen outside of the pocket. Plus, the Pats secondary is so good and the Seattle receivers so ordinary (to be nice), that you aren’t running the typical big risk. While I do still believe that even the most mediocre of NFL wideouts will get open with enough time, I might run that risk in this game because Revis, Browner, and McCourty are so good.

-Either way, no matter who wins this game, this Super Bowl will be one for the history books. It will mark this era of football. Either the Pats will put the icing on the cake of – perhaps – the greatest 15 year period for one team in NFL history or the Seahawks will enter that place that is reserved for only the best of the best – repeat champions. Russell Wilson join an exclusive club that now only has Bart Starr, Bob Griese, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, John Elway, and Tom Brady. Wow. How about that list?

-Okay, two quick thoughts on Deflategate
(1) I can’t stand how everyone keeps saying that “it doesn’t matter, they crushed the Colts, they would have won anyway.” Hey, guys, let’s stop and think for a minute. Do we really think that this is the first time they did this? Come on. Which kind of leads me into my next point…
(2) I hate cheating – of every kind…PASSIONATELY…BUT…can we stop with all the holier-than-thou stances against the Patriots. And, that point is especially salient with a game against the Seahawks coming up. Since Pete Carroll took over, no team in the league has had more busted steroid users than Seattle. And, if we could eliminate one form of cheating completely, would it be the PSI of the gameballs or would it be the current state of the sport that requires athletes to choose between taking something that could have long-term and devastating health consequences or being at a competitive disadvantage at their chosen career?

-Okay, one more point on Deflategate. Can we PLEASE institute a moratorium on adding -gate at the end of every scandal? It is not even like that means “scandal.” It just happened to be the last four letter of a hotel that just happened to be the scene of a famous presidential scandal. What the hell does Spygate or Bountygate or Deflategate even mean? Okay, glad I got that off my chest.

-And, while I’m at it, can I institute one more sports moratorium. Actually, it’s two things, but they are related. Can we PLEASE stop referring to players who play on one-year contracts as “betting on themselves.” I am so sick of hearing that about Joe Flacco and now Jeremy Maclin. It is stupid and old and lazy. And, along those line, can we please stop with the poker metaphors altogether, especially when you always mess them up. “Robert Kraft put all his chips on the table with his vehement defense of his coach and QB.” First of all, your chips are always on the table, the correct metaphor would be to “push them all in the middle of the table.” But, even if you get it right, it’s old, worn-out, and wasn’t even that good to begin with. When you write or speak for a living and can’t be creative, you are failing.
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