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Quick Hits on a Friday Afternoon

-I get the frustration with the Eagles front office and with Andy Reid after the loss to the Packers, but I don’t really get all of the frustration that there seems to be among fans with regards to the defensive … Continue reading

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The Friday Fourteen: Best Sport Rivalries

One of the most astonishingly unknown statistics in sports has taken center-stage this week.  Did anyone realize that the Packers and the Bears have not played a playoff game since…ONE WEEK AFTER THE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR?!?  That is absolutely … Continue reading

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2011 BSB NFL Playoff Challenge: Scenarios

I tried this last year, and I think it worked, so I am going to try and give the scenarios for the Challenge winner here, depending on how these final 7 games turn out.  Here is what I came up … Continue reading

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2011 BSB NFL Playoff Challenge: Wild Card Results

One round in the books, and the BSB NFL Playoff Challenge is off and running, and here are our standings after the Wild Card Round:  [NOTE:  when listing the teams lost below, a * indicates a “most trusted” team and … Continue reading

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Eagles – Packers: Wild Card Preview

Well, here we go.  It is finally here.  The Playoffs.  All year has been working towards this day, and now it’s here.  Let us get right to a couple of thoughts on the individual unit matchups that we will see … Continue reading

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2011 BSB NFL Playoff Challenge Preview

In the second edition of the BSB NFL Playoff Challenge, we have 11 participants.  The following are the official entries.  In addition to the actual picks, I listed the teams to which the person gave the most points of any of … Continue reading

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The Other Games: Handicapping the Three Non-Eagles Games This Weekend

How great are the NFL playoffs?  Fantastic!  Actually, I was thinking of what my favorite sports weekends of the year are (sounds like a nice topic for Tuesday’s Top Twelve), and I am not exactly sure where this one falls, … Continue reading

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Playoff Top Twelve: Head Coaches

As we finish up our week long Playoff Top Twelve, we hit the coaches.  This ranking is done based mostly upon the answer to the question:  “Who do you trust most in a playoff game?”  I have tried to encompass my … Continue reading

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The Birds Will Pull It Out Vs. Packers

I was with my BSB co-author last Saturday and, shockingly, we had some discussion about the upcoming NFL playoffs.  The Eagles’ opponent wasn’t known yet, but I told Bry, “I think the Packers will beat us.”  For weeks now, the … Continue reading

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Playoff Top Twelve: Defenses

All week long, we’ve been running a special NFL Playoff Top Twelve “marathon.”  We did the quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers, but today we’re going to switch over to the other side of the ball and do defense.  Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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