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Checking in with the Phils and Birds

On the day before the calendar flips to March, it’s a good time for a non-college basketball post before BSB goes all-hoops, all-the-time, for the next month.  Eagles news has been coming in bunches the last 24 hours as free agency … Continue reading

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BSB Announcement – The Conference Tourney Challenge

So, every year for the past half-dozen years or so, Doogan, J, and myself have had a running contest to see who could do better in picking all the conference tournament brackets (yes, we pick a lot of games between … Continue reading

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The Official NFL Preview: BSB-Style (Recap)

As our loyal readers know, we here at BSB do our season previews a little bit differently than any old sports blog.  We have a contest, between Doogan and Bry, that is structured around whether we believe a each NFL … Continue reading

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

Assuming they are all available to the Eagles this year (and not in jail), what would be the order of preference for the following: a). TJ Houshmandzadeh b). Anquan Boldin c). Tony Gonzalez d). Marvin Harrison e). Plaxico Burress f). Michael … Continue reading

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Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

How bad is it for the NFC East if the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth to a $100 million contract?

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Tuesday’s Top Twelve – Dominating College Hoops Big Men

For this week’s Top Twelve, I am going to go right off the top of my head and try to come up with the most physically dominating college hoops players that I can remember.  The criteria, as I am defining … Continue reading

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More Ridiculous Stats – College Hoops (plus one)

Jamie Dixon needs only six more wins to set the all-time D-1 record for most wins by a coach in his first six years of coaching.  Dixon has 156 wins in 5+ years at Pitt, after taking over for Ben Howland.  … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Top Twelve – Steroids

Top Ten lists are trendy.  I hate trendy.  Top Twelve lists are not trendy.  I like Top Twelve lists.  I really like ordering things because, among other things, it can really lead to some interesting debates.  So, I’m going to … Continue reading

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A Final Word on Steroids in MLB

So, we had yet another steroids “bombshell” hit the sports news world yesterday, when it came out that Alex Rodriguez tested positive in 2003.  My first reaction: Great, now I have to hear about this for the next six months … Continue reading

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Wet Your Whistle

With less than a month to go until conference tournament action, I decided to take a quick glance at what we are to expect in the first two weeks of March.  Ina, Doogan, Stri, Jay, Waters, and Alexi (and anyone else … Continue reading

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