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One Night, Three Games

Monday night was a great night of sports watching for me, as I watched three games, one in person and two on TV, and all three were good wins for Philly sports fans.  I was in North Philly for the … Continue reading

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Jim Johnson’s Defense

Merry Christmas, everybody.  In anticipation of the return of Brian Dawkins to the Linc, check out this Sports Illustrated article about Jim Johnson and the Double A Gap blitz defense that he innovated and that both teams will feature on … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Else Out There Excited?

The Eagles are 9-4 and well on their way to yet another NFC East title.  And, right now, they are probably the best under-the-radar team in the NFC.  All the talk is around the two undefeateds (and rightfully so) or … Continue reading

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I’m Sure This Won’t Happen…

…but, a man can dream, can’t he? from the Chicago Tribune:  MLB sets up system that could ban the DH

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A Halladay Extravaganza

Wow, how can baseball–in December, no less–cause someone to experience, at least a little, of just about all emotions under the sun?  In the past 48 hours, because of this trade, I have felt joy, sadness, bitterness, exuberance, fear, arrogance, … Continue reading

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Halladay to Phils, Cliff Lee to Mariners


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Charting a Course to March: Kentucky Wildcats

December 5th: #4 Kentucky 68, #10 North Carolina 66, at Kentucky December 9th: #4 Kentucky 64, #13 UConn 61, at Madison Square Garden December 12th: #4 Kentucky 90, Indiana 73, at Indiana With the arrival of John Calipari and the … Continue reading

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BSB’s 2009 MLB Preview Challenge (Final Results)

So, we are on the doorstep of another season.  A season in which the Phillies are going to try and DEFEND THEIR WORLD SERIES TITLE!!!  Oh, if no one realized, the Phillies did win the World Series last year.  Just … Continue reading

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Tell Me I’m Crazy

Okay, this one may even go too far, and I can’t believe I’m even going to try and argue for this one, but: Tell me I’m crazy, but the Phillies are probably better off, in the long-term, by not trading … Continue reading

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A Weak Attempt at Impartiality: An AI Inquisition

Sorry that I have been MIA for a while on the blog; we just moved and, wow, is a new place a ton of work.  Anyway, as things are settling down, it’s time to weigh in on one of two … Continue reading

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