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The Mariota What-Ifs

No matter how good Nelson Agholor and Eric Rowe turn out to be, the Eagles 2015 draft will always be the “didn’t get Mariota draft.” Now, I am not saying that – historically-speaking – that will always be a bad thing. In … Continue reading

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Today’s Top Twelve: 2013 Eagles MVPs

YOUR First-Place Philadelphia Eagles…that has a nice ring to it.  It’s not exactly something that sounds weird or uncommon considering we’re really only two years removed from a decade-plus era of division dominance, but from the sheer depth of those two … Continue reading

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A Decade and a Half with Big Red: Top Twelve Memories of the Andy Reid Era

Andy Reid is the best coach of a Philadelphia professional sports team in my lifetime.  Without question.  And, now, after 14 highly successful years, we will have a new front man of a team so desperate to reach the top … Continue reading

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Eagles Therapy

Another week, another loss that was nothing short of embarrassing.  And, now we have to look forward to another prime time debacle, as the Birds are, legitimately, 10.5-point ‘dogs against the Cowboys this Sunday night.  And, yes, I know, I know … Continue reading

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Chooch, Babin, and D-Jax…

Just a mundane check on the front page of ESPN.com today offers three more pieces of off-the-field news to the laundry list of sports storylines meant strictly to depress fans of Philadelphia sports. Ruiz was suspended for the first 25 … Continue reading

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Happy Tuesday…

Here’s a stat for you with your morning coffee: The Eagles had 4 first downs inside the Saints 10-yard line last night.  Just in those four trips, they were OUTSCORED by the Saints, 7-6.  That’s right, 4 times with the … Continue reading

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Eagles Midseason Report Card

We have now had two weeks to stew about the start to this Eagles season – the 14th (and possibly final) under the current head coach, Andy Reid.  If you had asked me, before the season, how many wins I … Continue reading

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Breaking: Eagles Fire D-Coordinator Juan Castillo

More on the state of the Eagles later this week, but the news just broke that the Eagles have fired Juan Castillo in the wake of that devastating fourth-quarter collapse against the Lions on Sunday.  Secondary coach Todd Bowles was … Continue reading

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Your 2012 Philadelphia Eagles: Unit by Unit

Here we are at the dawn of another Eagles season with exceedingly high expectations that are, at the same time, warranted and terrifying.  There are aspects of this team that have the potential to be scarily elite, and there are … Continue reading

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The Death of Garrett Reid

I will not be arrogant and say “you have to be a parent to know what it must feel like to lose a child” because I think that to discount someone’s empathetic perspective is flat-out ignorant.  However, just speaking for myself, … Continue reading

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