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Immediate Reaction: Phillies trade Worley for CF Ben Revere

The Phillies have dealt Vance Worley and pitching prospect Trevor May for Twins CF Ben Revere.  This is my VERY initial take: The first thing you see when you look at Revere’s stats is 0 home runs and a .319 … Continue reading

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Chooch, Babin, and D-Jax…

Just a mundane check on the front page of ESPN.com today offers three more pieces of off-the-field news to the laundry list of sports storylines meant strictly to depress fans of Philadelphia sports. Ruiz was suspended for the first 25 … Continue reading

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Every Time I Think I’m Out…

Just when we thought it was time to change our inner “sports clock” to football season, the Phillies leapt back into our consciousness – you know, just in time to get us just excited enough again to feel pain. But, … Continue reading

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Breaking: Hunter Pence Traded to Giants

Around the same time that the Phils were unloading their centerfielder, they were also shopping both corner outfielders, as well.  It looks like the one they settled on moving was rightfielder, Hunter Pence.  Pence was traded to the Giants for … Continue reading

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Breaking: Victorino Traded to the Dodgers

The Phillies have completed a trade with the Dodgers that send Shane Victorino to LA for a ML reliever, Josh Lindblom, and a AA reliever, Ethan Martin. My initial reaction is that I really like the return here because Victorino … Continue reading

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To Sell or Not to Sell…

Well, this question just won’t stop coming up, so I guess it’s about time we address it here.  Instead of answering the general question of “should they sell?” let’s actually look at the individual pieces in question and judge their … Continue reading

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The Ryan Howard Contract

One of our most dedicated “BSBelievers,” has been asking for quite some time now for a post about Mr. Howard, and more specifically, the big guy’s contract.  This post is probably going to make every elitist “Sabermaterician” stop reading this … Continue reading

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Phillies Mid-Season Report Card

As we hit the halfway mark of the Phillies 2012 season and take a look back to hand out grades, it’s clear that this has been a season of transition.  But it’s not a transition in the traditional sense for … Continue reading

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The Phils Lineup Construction

Nothing like thinking about lineup construction in the middle of December,  huh? Well, honestly, there are very few things that are more interesting to think about (at least to me), so why not turn off the NFL playoff scenario part … Continue reading

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Quick Picks: Division Series

While I want to do a whole “Playoff Extravaganza,” I may not have the time, so I at least want to do a quick rundown on my thoughts for the playoffs. Rangers-Rays, ALDS I love the Rays.  I love their … Continue reading

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