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More Ridiculous Statistics

1). Of all regular players in MLB, Jimmy Rollins has the lowest on-base percentage when leading off an inning (.242). Yes, that is on-base percentage, not even batting average (which still would have been bad).  This is especially bad considering … Continue reading

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Tell Me I’m Crazy

Well, we are now less than two hours away from the tip-off of the most important game for USA Basketball since the Original Dream Team.  (On a totally unrelated note, I am only working a half-day today.) Anyway, I know … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Grief After the Frontrunner Comment from Jimmy Rollins

Last week, on the Best Damn Sports Show Period, Jimmy Rollins told host Chris Rose that Phillie fans were “frontrunners.”  Though Rose tried to soften the blow by alluding to the fact that all cities are like that in certain ways, Rollins would not … Continue reading

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More Ridiculous Statistics – Dominance

1). Michael Phelps has as many gold medals in this Olympics than Great Britain, France, Spain, and Russia – combined.  In fact, if Phelps were his own country, he would be tied with South Korea and a Phelps-less USA for … Continue reading

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Live Blog: Olympics, Phillies, PGA Championship

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I’ll relax on my couch in Brooklyn today and watch the Olympics in China, the PGA Championship in Michigan, and the Phillies game in Philadelphia.  It’s certainly an interesting Sports Sunday and it … Continue reading

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Some Ridiculous Statistics

If you are anything like me, one of the best aspects of the game of baseball, and all sports, is its ability to act as an incredible outlet for statistics nuts.  Without trying to come off as an uber-dork, I … Continue reading

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