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Thoughts on Super Bowl XLV

Usually the Super Bowl excited me for the commercials first and the game a distant second.  But, this year is all about the game.  This one is going to be fantastic!  We have two incredible teams who have a great … Continue reading

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Playoff Top Twelve: Defenses

All week long, we’ve been running a special NFL Playoff Top Twelve “marathon.”  We did the quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers, but today we’re going to switch over to the other side of the ball and do defense.  Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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The Best Weekend in Football

Other than a couple weekend in March, the weekend of the NFL divisional playoffs is by far my favorite sports weekend of the year.  The Wild Card round is also fantastic, but there is nothing like having four teams who … Continue reading

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Yet Another Pet Peeve

Something in the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game just occurred that has been driving me absolutely nuts for a while now.  I am so sick of NFL coaches completely out-thinking themselves on important plays–particularly 4th downs and 2-point conversions.  I have been meaning … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Wild Card Games

Jaguars at Steelers This is by far the best game of Wild Card Weekend.  Not only are both teams really good, but they’re also so evenly matched that picking a winner is almost impossible.  The Jags did go into Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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Yet Another Pet Peeve…

Why does everyone have to guarantee victory these days?  And, even worse than that, why are they doing it in regular season games?  There are two guarantees that are immortalized and fantastic–Joe Namath in Super Bowl III and Moses Malone’s … Continue reading

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