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Yet Another Pet Peeve

It really bothers me, in any industry or line of work, when people outside of an organization believe that they know more about the inner-workings of said organization better than those designated to run it.  This questioning/second-guessing/revisionist critique of sports … Continue reading

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Yet Another Pet Peeve

Something in the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game just occurred that has been driving me absolutely nuts for a while now.  I am so sick of NFL coaches completely out-thinking themselves on important plays–particularly 4th downs and 2-point conversions.  I have been meaning … Continue reading

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Yet Another Pet Peeve…

Why does everyone have to guarantee victory these days?  And, even worse than that, why are they doing it in regular season games?  There are two guarantees that are immortalized and fantastic–Joe Namath in Super Bowl III and Moses Malone’s … Continue reading

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Yet Another Pet Peeve

Unless you are someone who has ever talked to me for more than 30 seconds, you probably don’t know that I can be a relatively opinionated individual.  And many of these opinions are about things that really bother me–pet peeves, if … Continue reading

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