4 Replies to “Cimorelli’s Question of the Day”

  1. I’m certainly worried by now. This is, what, the third or fourth time through the rotation?…the arms should good to go by now. I think I would be happier with walks or something control-related, but these bunches of runs and giant bombs make me question the stuff in general. To early to make a move, but not to be concerned.

  2. I’m concerned…but just like the Flyers losing a horrid game on Saturday (which I attended), I’m not too worried. Winning the World Series last year kind of made me less worried about anything sports related. That being said, the number of homeruns we’re giving up are just outrageous and have to think by end of May/June we’ll be mostly back on track.

  3. Too early right now to be any more concerned than before the season started. I think we all knew that, aside from Hamels, there were
    questions with the rotation. Moyer looks like Moyer, Myers looks like he’ll settle in eventually. Not sure about Blanton.
    He could end up out of the rotation at some point, but too early to tell. And Park, of course, could be out of the rotation
    at any point. All that being said, I’m with O’Neill on worrying less in general. But, to actually answer your question,
    probably late-May is when it’s no longer “too early” to be really concerned.

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