Quick-fire Postseason Predicitions

Note: See below post for more in-depth looks at the Division Series match-ups. 

With the Phillies involved, I’ll admit right away that I just can’t give completely objective opinions, but I’ll do my best.  I’m all ready on record in picking the Phillies in four over Milwaukee.  Here’s my prediction for the other series in the playoffs:

 Division Series:

Dodgers over Cubs in 4 games:  The Cubs are the best all-around team in the NL, but I’m going with the hot hand and picking the Dodgers in the upset.  Derek Lowe and Manny Ramirez have been the best pitcher and hitter, respectively, in the league over the past two months.  The 100-year wait will continue on the North Side of Chicago.

Red Sox over Angels in 5 games:  These are the two best teams in baseball and the winner of this series should be the favorite to win it all.  The Sox have owned the Angels in the postseason, and while I think this series could go either way, I’ll bet on that to continue.

Rays over White Sox in 3 games:  Even though the ChiSox are just three years removed from a championship, after their miraculous run into the postseason this week, I see them as “just happy to be there” kind of team, and they could also be somewhat underestimating the Rays.  The Rays will use the great home-field advantage to jump out 2-0 and crush the hopes of Ozzie Guillen’s boys.

League Championships:

-Phillies over Dodgers in 6 games:  Again, I can’t ensure objectivity here, but I like the Phils chances, especially with soxhome-field advantage in this series.

-Red Sox over Rays in 6 games:  I know the Rays played the Sox tough in September, but the Rays will be out-classed in this series, as the playoff-tested and pitching-rich Sox power their way back to the Series.

World Series:

-Red Sox over Phillies in 6 games:  Even with Manny gone, and injury concerns for Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew (two heroes in October last season), the Red Sox just have all the things you need to win in October, and their my pick to take home a third title in 5 years. 

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