Thoughts on Game 2

victorino-I’ll rank the Victorino slam as the second-best Phillies moment of my life, with the Mitch Williams leap when they clinched the ’93 NLCS at #1.  When the ball came off his bat, I jumped up and opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out.  It was like when you go down a huge drop on a roller coaster, and you literally cannot even scream.  When the ball hit the stands I managed a “Grand Slam! GRAND SLAM!!!!”.

-The Myers at-bat that set it up was, obviously, incredible.  That was really a showcase for what makes Philly fans so great.  Like the announcers were saying, you’ll never see a crowd get more worked up for a walk that doesn’t even score a run.  Many of the fans do things that bother me at times (like some that were booing Myers in the first inning yesterday), but most of the time they are some amazing fans.

-It was crazy to see the Brewers intentionally walk Victorino to get to Utley in the fourth inning.  I know Victorino had already doubled and homered off Sabathia, and Utley had struck out twice, but that’s still a questionable move, and a bad one, I think.  The Phils weren’t able to make them pay, though.

-The announcers also pointed out yesterday that the Phillies have only scored in two innings through two games.  I think that’s a bit of a concern.  They’ve had so many opportunities to tack on runs in the last two games and failed every time.  They need to start capitalizing in those spots if they want to keep this playoff success going.

-In the first inning yesterday, Myers was looking like the pitcher that gave up 10 runs to the Marlins a couple weeks ago, but seeing him settle down and pitch the way he did the rest of the game was fantastic.  Things are looking great as the Phils go for the sweep.

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  1. bry says:

    I agree that it’s a bit concerning that they’ve only scored in 2 of their 16 innings in the series, but I think to mitigate that concern is the fact that 7 of their 8 runs have come with 2 outs. And, I have always said that two out runs win games–and that is even more so in the playoffs.

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