What Would Freud Do?

Here is something that I thought might be interesting.  You all know that psychological tactic of “word association,” where someone says a word and you just run off whatever first comes to your mind.  Well, I think it might be interesting to see what happens if we use sports teams.  So, as a somewhat regular segment, I will just throw a team out there and you guys respond with whatever first comes to your mind and run from there.  It can be anything:  players, coaches, games, uniforms, events in your life, etc.  No internet lookups, no deep thinking, just knee-jerk reactions to what you see in your mind when you hear a certain team.  We will start with a very random one (and the responses–at least mine–will be very off-the-wall, in fact some of them may not even make sense or have anything to do with the team).

What is the first thing your mind sees when you think of: