Super Bowl Hyped

There’s so much Super Bowl hype that the hype itself is over-hyped, if that makes any sense.  It seems like there’s more stories about the “hype” than there is about the game and the players in it.  And now here I am, writing about how much other people write about how much other people write and talk about this game.  My head hurts.

Anyway, I have a point here, even if it’s not a good one.  It seems to me that the result of all this hype, this year at least, has been to convince a lot of people that this will be a tight game.  I’m not saying most people, but a lot of people are thinking the Giants have a good chance of winning. 

So many people are out there writing and opining about the game, that many of them have to come up with different eliangles.  A common (and totally logical) angle to take is, “This is what the Giants have to do to win this game”.  Another (much less logical) angle is, “The Giants will win this game, and this is why”.  Some people have to take that angle, and I certainly can’t blame them.  But the result of all this is that more and more people start talking themselves into the Giants winning the game.  Now, if you’re a Giants fan, I understand the impulse, otherwise, you’re crazy!

Obviously, there is a chance the Giants will win and, of course, there’s a chance it will be a close game.  There’s even evidence you can point to: the Giants only lost by 3 when the teams played in Week 17, the Pats didn’t look very good in the AFC championship game, the Pats haven’t been nearly as dominant over the last couple of months as they were in the first half of the season.  That’s all true.  What’s also true is that this is one of the biggest mismatches in Super Bowl history, and that’s saying something.  This is arguably the best team in the history of the league going against a team that claimed the fifth-seed in a very mediocre NFC.  This is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady against Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning.  This is a rout.  Patriots 38, Giants 17.  The Pats ride off into the sunset, into the history books, and with any luck (or maybe a lot of luck), we’ll never hear from them again. 

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  1. The Giants can win, but they have to do ALL 6 of the following things. If they do 5 out of 6, they lose.

    1) Good Eli

    There’s good Eli and there’s bad Eli. Bad Eli usually comes out when the other team blitzes. But Eli’s been playing lights out lately even against the blitz. The Pats are going to bring the kitchen sink. If the Giants are going to have any chance, good Eli has to show up.

    2) No quick strikes to Moss.

    Self-Explanitory but a deep ball to Moss cost the Giants the game last time.

    3) Cover Wes Welker and Kevin Faulke on 3rd down. All these guys do is catch and convert on 3rd down. You can’t play zone against them cause they’ll find the holes and kill you.

    4) Get pressure on Brady

    Easier said then done but if he has time to check down to his 3rd and 4th options, you’re toast.

    5) Don’t lose (and preferably win) the turnover battle. Lose the turnover battle and it’s over.

    6) Run the ball. If the Pats turn the Giants into a one dimentional team, the blitzes will get to Manning. Also gotta run the ball to keep Brady and that offense on the sidelines.

    Obviously, the Pats have the edge but it’s not going to be the rout predicted by Doogan. What do you say Doogs – I’ll take the Giants +21 for $1000. You in?

  2. Haha, I’ll pass on that, but thanks.

    I think your 4th point is the most important one listed there. The Giants CAN get to Brady, and they absolutely have to, because there’s a lot of other aspects that they just don’t have a chance in. I think another key could be Burress. He’s the type of receiver that is so big and athletic, with great hands, that if the ball is placed right by Manning, you can’t defend him, no matter how great you are. As an Eagles fan, I’ve always wondered why a fade to Burress isn’t the first play called when the Giants get inside the 10-yard line. They’ve done it more this year and it’s paid off. They need to throw the ball up to him every chance they get. As the great Gus Johnson used to yell during Steelers games when Burress was there: “When you don’t know: Plaxico!!!”

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