I Just Don’t Get It…

NOTE:  Just when you thought you were getting tired of my gimmicky “recurring themes posts,” I want to add another to the mix.  I am not a smart man.  In fact, I am quite dumb.  There is a wide range of things that I simply don’t understand.  I have found, however, that it can be quite therapeutic to acknowledge what you do not know and ask the question.  So, I am not looking for answers (though, they are welcome), I am just trying to relieve myself of the burden of my stupidity–or at least today’s reminder of it.  As always, thanks for listening.

Okay, today’s burdensome reminder of my stupidity is two-fold because there are similar situations for two Philly sports that I simply don’t understand.

CASE #1:  The Eagles
Okay, let me see if I have the facts straight:

  • The Eagles are (and have been every year in the McNabb Era other than the Super Bowl year) in desperate need of a big-play wide receiver
  • Chad Johnson, a clear #1 wide receiver, is unhappy in Cincinnati
  • The Eagles are, as always, very much under the salary cap ($17.12 million under, actually)

Okay, I don’t get it.  Why are there rumors swirling about Chad Johnson going to Miami?  Why are the Eagles not involved?  Are they scared of another “loud” wide receiver after the T.O. debacle?  Are they not convinced that Chad Johnson is really deserving of being a #1 wide receiver, and therefore, getting #1 WR money?  Are they banking on Reggie Brown to finally have that break-out year?  Is there someone in the draft that they have their eyes on?  Are the Eagles involved, but it just has not gotten to the media yet?  Is Johnson intent on going to his hometown Dolphins now that they have Parcells?  Or, is the media blowing this out of proportion and Johnson is not really going anywhere? 

All of these are possible, but if Johnson really is on the proverbial “trading block” and the Eagles are not in daily phone conversations with the Bengals, then something is wrong.  How perfect of a fit is Chad Johnson in Philadelphia?  I just don’t get it…

CASE #2:  The Phillies
There is a similarly vexing situation going on with the Phillies.  Now, I understand that the Phillies have neither the prospects, the ownership payroll ability, nor the risk affordability to even pursue a Johan Santana.  Players like Santana are only available to teams that play in New York, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles.  Whereas the other side of the spectrum–the Twins, the Marlins, the Pirates–only get star players for 6 major league seasons, forcing them to build by trading the Santanas and Cabreras of the world.  The Phillies are in the middle.  They can keep their own star players, but once a star hits the open market, they have no chance.  These mid-level teams can (and recently have) win titles, but they have little room for error.

This leads me into what I don’t understand about the Phillies right now.  Why are they not in the discussion for Erik Bedard?  Right now, it seems as if the Orioles are in serious talks with the Mariners.  Can the Mariners give a better package than the Phillies?  Are the Orioles looking to ship Bedard off to the West Coast, so as to curtail a little of the hammering they are bound to take in the press?  Do the Phillies think that the asking price is too much for a young, front-line pitcher?  Do they believe that Hamels, Myers and Moyer are a “Big Three?”

Just like the Eagles, who could fill a major need with an available player, Chad Johnson, the Phillies can also fill a major need with an available player–Erik Bedard.  So, why are they not involved?  I just don’t get it…

7 Replies to “I Just Don’t Get It…”

  1. Really the only reason I can think of that the Eagles wouldn’t be interested in Chad Johnson is if they think he’s too much like Owens. I don’t completely blame them, but I also don’t agree with them if that’s their reasoning. I say go get him.

    As for Bedard, I don’t think the Phillies have the prospects to get him. I think that’s the main thing. The price the Orioles have put on Bedard all along has been pretty close to what the Twins asked for Santana. He’s younger, and you don’t have to sign him to a $130 million contract right away, so it makes some sense. But also, Bedard is in line to start making big bucks, not on Santana’s level, but still a lot of money, and the Phils might not be in position to give him the type of contract he would be looking for at this point.

  2. On Bedard, they “don’t have” the prospects or they’re not willing to give them? If it’s the latter, I say they’re crazy. And, as far as the money, goes, I think they have room for one more big contract, especially since Rowand is off the books. Then again, if they keep signing the Pedro Feliz’s and the Geoff Jenkins’s of the world, they cannot afford the Bedard’s…

  3. 1) I can’t fathom why the eagles wouldn’t at least be in on Johnson. That just makes too much sense.

    2) As far as Bedard, I don’t blame the Phillies for not being in on Bedard given what they’d have to match to get him – heard the Seattle package has three premium prospects. I wouldn’t top an offer of 3 premium prospects for him – he’s not Johan.

  4. I say you trade Bedard for Howard…The Phils still haven’t worked out arbitration and there is a $3 mil. seperation between the two. The O’s need power and the Phils could always use pitching.

    But maybe that’s just a win-win for the O’s, since I am an O’s fan I would be ok with that.

  5. I don’t think Howard for Bedard is a complete mismatch, but I think we’re pretty happy with our first baseman and won’t be trading him any time in the next 7 to 8 years.

    Bry, I actually don’t think the Phils even have the prospects. I don’t think they have 3 prospects on the level of what Seattle is giving up. The Phillies top prospect right now is Carlos Carrasco, who I’ve never heard anyone too excited about, or act like he’s a future star. I looked at http://www.minorleagueball.com. They have the Phillies with 4 ‘B’ rated prospects at the top. 2 of the 3 guys Seattle is giving up for Bedard are rated at B+. Now that’s not a definitive opinion, but it says something.

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