One Week From Today…

We are  now only a week away from the end of the longest offseason in American sports.   There hasn’t been a college basketball game that counts since the beginning of April.  Now, we are into November and we only have to wait one more week.  And, this year’s college hoops season (as usual) is going to be fascinating.  We are going to try and pound the site with college hoops material all season long.  We are going to hit a lot of stuff that is otherwise uncovered in the mainstream media, particularly the mid-major and low-major conferences. But, we are also going to have plenty on the teams everyone knows and loves.  We will be previewing important upcoming games, as well as highlighting the best players in the country.  We will also have interesting stuff that you won’t see anywhere else, like interesting sets of rankings and recaps of all conference races around the country.  And, of course, we will have in-depth coverage of BSB’s “home team,” the Temple Owls.  Plus, the addition of our new staffers could bring some inside information into the seasons of Maryland, Michigan State, and Arizona State.

Buckle up, everyone, the best regular season in sports begins in 7 short days.

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