Quick Notes on the Draft Tonight

As usual, I had higher ambitions.  I wanted to do a better write-up leading into one of the more interesting first rounds in a while, but things got in the way.  But, I do have some Eagle-centric thoughts entering tonight’s draft.

  • Under the assumption that Evans doesn’t fall past #7 (which is almost a given), no one in this draft is worth what it would take to move up to get them
  • I like Beckham, but is he really all that much better than Cooks or Lee – one of whom will be there at #22? 
  • They better not waste a pick on Johnny Football (which they won’t)  
  • I would have NO problem trading down – even out of the 1st.  I would JUMP at a swap of #22 for #33 from Houston.  I actually looked at the “draft pick value” chart for Houston to come in to grab #22 to get a QB that they will pass on with Clowney, and they would need to give their 2nd, 4th, and 5th (and it still wouldn’t be enough) – according to the chart.  OR (more likely)…they give #33 and next year’s 3rd.  Unless Clinton-Dix was on the board, i would JUMP at that.  Speaking of Ha-Ha… 
  • Here’s how I would rank the guys for the Eagles who are likely to be available at #22:
    A). Clinton-Dix
    B). One of the three 2nd-tier WRs (Beckham, Cooks, Lee – i think in that order, but it sounds very close
    C). Fuller
    D). Barr (though, i’m REALLY uncomfortable.  he seems VERY boom or bust, but he does potentially fill a real need)
    E). Trade down with whatever you can get (I don’t like anyone else enough to spend this pick on them – especially because there might only be 1 QB off the board at this point, so teams could be trading back in)  
  • DO NOT TRADE NEXT YEAR’S #1 FOR ANYONE!!!  (With three exceptions – Clowney, Mack, Watkins – all of whom would probably cost #1’s until 2020.) 
  • Let’s see if we can’t rekindle those Dion Jordan talks.  Brandon Graham and a 2nd-round pick?  Yes, please!

And, a couple overall draft thoughts:

  • Do not pay ANY attention to media reports…including those “mock drafts.”  These teams are in the business of misinformation because, well, THEY BENEFIT FROM IT!  It is really not that complicated.  Reports are that Cleveland doesn’t like Manziel.  Well, who controls the release of that information?  The Cleveland Browns.  And, who would benefit the most from people thinking the exact opposite?  The Cleveland Browns.  I am not saying they are going to take Johnny Football, but every time I hear that they are not interested makes me believe more that they ARE interested.  Same goes for everything else you hear.
  • Jadeveon Clowney will be the #1 pick.  Talent like that comes once a decade.  He will go #1.  Will Houston trade out for a king’s ransom?  Maybe.  But, Clowney will be the first player off the board.  Period.
  • I don’t think there is any way that any of these seven – Clowney, Mack, Watkins, Robinson, Matthews, Evans, and Donald – get out of the top 9.  Manziel and Lewan might sneak in, but that is pretty much the top tier.  There are 7 STARS in this draft and they won’t be around when Detroit picks at #10.

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