2014 World Cup: Knockout Stage – Top Half (6/28)

Well, we have gotten through the group stage and the field is cut in half.  We have gotten rid of most of the rifraf, and we are ready for some futbol.  The stakes are raised exponentially, as it has become a one-and-done tournament.  Throw out a clunker, and you will have 4 years to think about it.  Let’s go!

This post will be updated through the Quarterfinals for the top half of the bracket.

6/28, noon – Brazil vs. Chile – Round of 16
Well, the Chileans got through a really tough Group B and what is their reward?  Not only do they draw their arch-nemeses and the side that has eliminated them multiple times in World Cup play, including 2010 in the Round of 16, but now they have to play them on their home soil, where they just about never lose.  A tall task for any nation, particularly one that is not a traditional soccer superpower.  However, if there ever was a Chilean team that could do it, it would be this one.  They have probably looked the better side in this Cup (I think that if the two sides switches groups, Chile would have won Group A and Brazil would have finished 2nd in Group B – at least how they each have played).  Their attacking style can throw off a Brazilian backline that is actually pretty shaky other than Thiago Silva.  And, the Brazilian midfield seems to lack the typical Brazilian magic.  They do have the red-hot goalscorer, Neymar, and a ridiculous homefield advantage (something that Chile has enjoyed all tournament, but will not in this one).  I will be rooting for Chile and think that they have a legit shot here, but it would be disingenuous to think that Brazil wouldn’t clearly be favored to win this one.  Either way, it should be a GREAT start to the knockout round.

6/28, 4:00 – Colombia vs. Uruguay – Round of 16
And, the South American Invitational continues on Saturday, as all four sides playing on the first day of the knockout round are from the host continent.  These four outstanding soccer nations will battle for one spot in the semis.  The nightcap pits a red-hot Colombia side that looks like a legit sleeper to make noise here in the knockout stage against a Uruguay side that will be without their enigmatic biter, Luis Suarez.  While Uruguay may have the more accomplished history and another top ten team currently, the Colombians would probably be the favorites here even if Suarez were playing.  And, without him, the Uruguayans are decided underdogs here.  That being said, they still have a lot of quality and are capable of beating anyone (as evidenced by their successive must-win victories over England and Italy in the group stage).  I like Colombia here, but should be another great match on a fantastic day to get us going in the all-important knockout stage.

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