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Live Blog: World Series, Game 6

5:49 PM:  OK, just over two hours until game time.  Check out Bry’s post below for a preview of the next two games (that’s right, I said two games).  This will be a more sporadic version of the live blog, … Continue reading

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Counting Outs & Measuring Blood Pressures

Well, here we go again.  After one much-needed day off (for the fans), we are right back to the heart attacks that are involved in being a fan of either of these World Series teams tonight with Game Six.  Andy … Continue reading

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Two Tough Ones Left to Go

A big Game 5 win is behind the Phillies and they now have today to catch their breaths and prepare for what is still an uphill climb to another title.  From the very start of this postseason, there have been … Continue reading

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I Just Don’t Get It: The Shift

So, as The Greatest Baseball Writer on the Planet describes in his ESPN story today, unless something crazy happens over the next three days, the 2009 World Series’s signature moment may have been The Damon Play last night in Game … Continue reading

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World Series, Game 3 (NOT a Live Blog)

Well, I did a live blog for Game 2, and the Phillies lost a game they could have won, so I am not doing a live blog tonight.  But, I may (or may not) check in from time to time … Continue reading

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Into the Mind of J: The Game One Experience

J, one of our favorite guest columnists, somehow landed front-row tickets, right behind the Phillies dugout for Game One in Yankee Stadium.  Apparently, the seat to his right was Spike Lee’s seat (I wouldn’t have believed it if there weren’t … Continue reading

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Live Blog: World Series, Game Two

7:38:  Well, we are just minutes away from the first pitch of Game Two in the Bronx.  What an amazing pitching performance by Mr. Lee last night–one of those monumental performances that we, as Phillies fans and probably most baseball … Continue reading

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World Series Extravaganza

So, we are mere hours away from a MOMUNENTAL clash of titans in the War on the Jersey Turnpike (“Turnpike Tussle,” maybe?).  Forget being a fan of either team, this is going to be great for the baseball fan.  These two … Continue reading

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So, What Are We Rooting For This Weekend?

The Phillies didn’t need this weekend for Games 6 or 7 of the NLCS; they are already in the World Series.  The Eagles don’t get a chance to make up for their debacle in Oaktown last week until Monday night … Continue reading

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