BSB Baseball Suicide Pool: Round One to J

Well, the first ever BSB Baseball Suicide Pool was short, but rather sweet for one guy.  J took down the 11-person field in a mere 4 days to start the season with a healthy winfall.  7 of the 11 entries went down in the very first day, as the Rays, Cubs, and Cardinals losses each eliminated a pair of competitors, and the Rockies ousted another.  J nearly won it on Day Two, as he took his bye, Gross, Sr., lost with the A’s against Seattle, and Greeley and Dave needed a Pirates bullpen implosion to even survive to Sunday.  Greeley took his bye on Sunday, but Dave wanted to get one more day so that he could use his on the short Monday schedule, and lost with the Red Sox.  J rode Roy Oswalt to a Sunday win to take on Greeley in a mono e mono Monday battle.

Ironically, on Monday, J (possibly the biggest Yankee hater I know) picked the Yankees, who won, and Greeley (possibly the biggest Yankee FAN I know), lost with the Cards and was eliminated by his own team.

Round Two begins Wednesday with one big change.  Instead of offering a bye, we are going with the three strikes and you’re out policy.  So, it’s basically become a triple-elimination pool, so we are allowing for 2 losses before being eliminated.  All other rules still apply.  If anyone interested in Round Two, let me know.

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