Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

If you were Ruben Amaro, would you trade Cole Hamels for Roy Halladay?

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4 Responses to Cimorelli’s Question of the Day

  1. Doogan says:

    Yeah, probably, but the Blue Jays wouldn’t do that, right? Cole is on the verge of making pretty big bucks himself, I have to
    think the Jays are only gonna move Halladay for a bunch of nice prospects. And I don’t get all the rumors about trading Cole.
    Why would you trade him when his value is so ridiculously lower than it was just a few months ago?

  2. bry says:

    I haven’t heard that rumor, actually. The only reason I ask this question is because it was a poll question on WIP’s website, and I was interested to hear what Phillies fans (or any fans, for that matter) would think about that. Of course, I went to see the results and can’t seem to find the poll any more, but whatever.

    I think it’s kind of no-brainer “NO” to the question. Hamels is 26 and still under control for several more years. Halladay is, what 32-33, and is really a one-year rental. Plus, Hamels has proven that he can perform on the big stage; Halladay has not. I think that whole “performing on the big stage” is a bit overrated, but still it’s at least something in Hamels’ favor. Plus, and you made this point perfectly, Doogan, if the Phils really think Hamels can’t cut it in Philly (which seems to be the only reason to trade him), they would be stupid to deal him now, while his value is at its absolute lowest. If they think he needs to go, wait for him to start 10-2 and then deal him. Or, wait until next year when he leads them to another pennant. I like the thought of going after Halladay, but don’t dangle Hamels, I agree, do it with prospects.

  3. Doogan says:

    Amaro actually addressed rumors today about trading Hamels, saying that there’s no truth to it and they’re not gonna trade
    him. I believe him. Assuming the Phils would re-sign Halladay (they would be saving a lot of long-term money by moving Hamels)
    then I think I’d do that trade. We have a window of a few more years with this nucleus, so why not go for it. Halladay still
    has 5 dominant years in him and based on the type of pitcher and person he is, I have no doubt that he could do it on the
    “big stage”, even if he hasn’t had an opportunity yet.

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