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With the upcoming Super Bowl between the Giants and the Patriots, I (for obvious reasons) started thinking about the sports teams that I hate the most.  So, what teams do you hate the most?  In other words, what teams do you get the most enjoyment out of watching them lose?

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  1. I haven’t put a ton of thought into this, but off the top of my head, here are my top 10:
    (NOTE: this reflects all through my sports-watching history, not necessarily the current makeup of these teams)

    1). New York Giants (easy one for me)
    2). Boston Red Sox
    3). New York Mets
    4). Dallas Cowboys
    5). Maryland basketball
    6). Washington Redskins
    7). Baltimore Orioles (because of one player)
    8). Duke basketball
    9). Seton Hall basketball (for a weird reason)
    10). Atlanta Braves

    Yes, I left off the Yankees. Despite what my brother may tell you, I am not a Yankees fan, in any way. But, my intense hatred of the Red Sox makes it impossible for me to hate the Yankees because them being good hurts all the Sox fans (I refuse to use that AWFUL moniker they give themselves) more than anything, so GO YANKS!

    I also left off both St. Joe’s and Villanova basketball. They are interesting cases because if I was only ranking what teams I enjoy watching “my team” destroy, St. Joe’s would be a very close 2nd to the Giants on this list and Villanova would probably be 5th. However, if they are not playing Temple, I actually find myself rooting for both of these teams quite often. I always want them in the tournament and I root for them when they get there. There’s a fine line between getting intense joy from beating a team and getting intense joy from simply watching them lose. I absolutely love beating St. Joe’s and Nova and I completely despise losing to them, but I don’t always root for them to lose–like I do for the aforementioned teams.

  2. The historically vs. present thing is hard, but I’ll try it:

    1) Dallas Cowboys – No brainer
    2) Atlanta Braves
    3) New York Giants
    4) New York Mets
    5) Boston Red Sox
    6) Los Angeles Lakers (because of one player)

    I never had a problem with the Red Sox until ’04 but they and their fans have really made up for lost time since then. Good for them! I’ve never had the hatred for the Redskins that I should. I should work on that.

  3. I will go with a few.

    1) The Patriots-I hate Tom Brady and Rodney Harrison, I also believe that Belichik is a jacka–
    2) Dallas Cowboys-Jerry Jones well, because he is who he is
    3) Notre Dame Football- This is still hold over from when I was a kid and the bastards would get top ranking just because they were Notre Dame. Even though they wouldn’t play anyone worth a damn.
    4) New York Yankees- Only because of their fans.
    5) Florida Gators- If you grew up in central Florida you would understand

    If I weren’t a Steeler fan I would probably hate the Steeler’s too…it wasn’t until I went to a Ravens-Steelers games how arrogant the fans are.

  4. 1. USC
    2. Lakers
    3. Cowboys
    4. Every team, every sport, from NY/NJ
    3. Univ. of Michigan (I used to like them, too!)

    (1 and 2 have climbed up since living in SoCal)

  5. That is easy… cowboys. Next question
    Bry- how can you hate setan hall b-ball? Do you know what there mascot is? Let’s just say I bet they serve rum at there home games.

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