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Since the Phils seem dug in to not give up both and the Blue Jays will surely demand AT LEAST one, who would you rather the Phils give up for Halladay:  Happ or Drabek?

Honestly, I’d give up Happ before Drabek in a heartbeat.  Happ’s value will never be higher than it is right now.  He is not projected to be any better than a middle-of-the-rotation guy, but his 7-0 (now 7-1) start has people quickly changing that projection.  After 12 starts?  Okay, well move him.

For the record, I think the Phillies WILL get this deal done, and I think the package will be Happ, Dominic Brown, Carlos Carrasco, and Jason Donald.  And, I am going to be ecstatic.

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  1. Weird, Bry. I just came to the site to write basically the same exact post as you. I think it’s better than 50% right now that
    Halladay will end up a Phillie. The Jays have made their play for Drabek, Happ, and Brown to see if the Phils will panic
    thinking that other teams will make the trade. Give it a couple more days, and it seems very possible that Happ, Carrasco,
    Brown, and Donald could make Halladay a Phillie. Awesome!

  2. It’s pretty fascinating watching this whole thing play out through the press. Here’s the latest:

    Amaro and Ricciardi are just doing some old-fashioned negotiating. The Phils have countered the Happ, Drabek, Brown offer with
    an offer of Happ, Carrasco, Taylor, and Donald, which the Jays have rejected. Maybe putting Brown into that offer in place of
    Taylor would get it done, maybe not. Anyone’s guess, but so far I think both GM’s have played this the right way.

  3. you’re right, this is absolutely fascinating. i agree with you, i think that the next move for Amaro is “reluctantly” replace Taylor with Brown, hoping that that is enough. (personally, i think i’d rather give up Brown than Taylor, but I’m no scout.) Amaro also has the option to simply add Marson to the deal, hoping that the 5th guy is enough. the problem is that Carrasco has been really bad in AAA this year, especially Friday night when the Jays were scouting him and he gave up 6 earned in 6 innings. ugh! come on, Carlos, we need you now–you can suck later

  4. If we get him without giving up Drabek, it will go down as the greatest trade in Philadelphia history. It could still
    become that even if we do give him up.

  5. Just give up Happ. His value is so inflated right now that each start will make him worth less than before. Ship him out eh?

  6. Have to agree with you, Lynch. Happ has been great, but he’s never been considered a big-time prospect, and I have to think there’s a reason why. Assuming the Phils are at all willing to give up Drabek to get Halladay, I don’t see why you let J.A. Happ get in the way of that deal getting done.

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