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  1. Clearly it’s a downgrade, I think the main question is what will it take to get Lee? If the asking price for Lee is only
    slightly below the asking price for Halladay, then it doesn’t make any sense. Lee is really good but he just hasn’t been
    nearly as consistent as Halladay. Either way, it’s all part of the poker game for the Phils to express interest in Lee at
    this point. If the Phillies are giving the Jays the best offer they’ve gotten, and they see that offer possibly disappearing,
    that could get them to pull the trigger.

  2. I’m willing to give up Happ, Drabek and Taylor for Halladay. For Lee, maybe Happ and Taylor
    at absolute most. Can you give up your best prospect for a pretty damn good starter if
    you didn’t jump at the chance to make it happen for the best pitcher in baseball? Ruben needs
    to get this Halladay thing done with and overpay/trade if he has to.

  3. I think that is a big time downgrade if we have to give up the same amount of players for a much lesser return. The problem is that in a bad economic climate the Blue Jays and Indians are blatantly trying to gut current contenders of their best prospects. Teams are timid to make such shrewd deals when times are tough, especially in Philly.

  4. couldn’t agree more, BLynch. ship Happ out. his value is WAY higher than it will ever be again. honestly, i really think that the Phils will get this done for Happ, Donald, Carrasco, and either Taylor or Brown

  5. Big downgrade. rumor is the Indians want drabek too, if you have to give up drabek, might as well be for halladay. has anyone mentioned if drabek can help the phils this season? if he isn’t traded can he fill a david price kind of role for them in the stretch run and the playoffs?

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