2 Replies to “Cimorelli’s Question of the Day”

  1. Obviously very hard to predict since he’ll be coming off a pretty major injury. It’s great news though. Lidge hasn’t been the same this year, and Madson fell on his face when he filled-in for Lidge last month. It’s not out of the question that Myers could end up the closer by the time the playoffs roll around. Either way, Myers will be pitching for a contract, which is nice.

  2. I’m with you on this Doogs. I have already liked Chan Ho Park’s ability to give quality innings (plural!) when needed after converting to the bullpen and would love seeing Myers working in a rotation with Lidge, Park, and the rest of the gang when they get healthy in early to mid August. It’s tough to say only if our starters can’t keep up the great work they’ve given recently.

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