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BSB World Cup Links

Because life goes on, and there are other things besides the World Cup going on on “Broad Street,” I’m going to just link the soccer links to this post, so that BSB can continue to operate outside of South Africa. … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Top Twelve: Most Disappoiting World Cup Eliminations

(It’s not Tuesday and it’s not going to be twelve, so whatever.) Now, that the World Cup has gotten through group play and into the knockout round, half of the field has been sent packing.  Some of the teams eliminated … Continue reading

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Following the World Cup

So, what we’re going to do here is have a recurring post on the World Cup matches played and upcoming matches.  Again, don’t expect any big “soccer” analysis, but more of a sports fan’s take on the world’s greatest sporting … Continue reading

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World Cup Preview (Knockout Round)

So, half of the teams have been eliminated by group play, and now we have the remainin 16 teams vying for the ultimate prize, in the ultimate pressure-cooker format: one-and-done.  Here is the BSB preview: A1/C1 Quadrant A1-Uruguay vs. B2-South … Continue reading

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World Cup Qualification Scenarios After Two Games of Round-Robin

Okay, well here are the scenarios (as I can best figure them) for qualification from each group.  The groups will be updated after the completion of the each team’s second games.  (We are operating under the assumption that no team … Continue reading

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Here It Is…The BSB World Cup Preview (Round-Robin)

I’m sure that you’re all on the edges of your seats, waiting for the BSB World Cup Preview for its insight and analysis.  Well, here’s what you’re going to get.  You’re going to get some of the best soccer analysis … Continue reading

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