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BSB NFL Playoff Challenge: The Divisional Round Recap & Title Scenarios

Well, three home teams won this weekend, with the only surviving team from the Wild Card Round being…the Jets?!?!?  The Chargers loss to the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets did throw a wrench in the works of the Challenge this year.  … Continue reading

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BSB NFL Playoff Challenge: Divisional Round Preview

Nine contestents started the BSB NFL Playoff Challenge, but after the Wild Card Weekend’s action, only seven remain with a possibility of winning the whole thing.  But, surprisingly, it is not the two with the lowest point totals who have … Continue reading

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BSB NFL Playoff Challenge: Scenarios

Since this is basically what I do for a living (no, not with the NFL playoffs, unfortunately), I decided to practice my trade and figure out the different scenarios and what would happen to the Challenge, depending on future results.  … Continue reading

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BSB NFL Playoff Challenge: Wild Card Results

One round in the books, and the BSB NFL Playoff Challenge is off and running.  I know that the fans of the Cardinals and Packers may think that that one amazing play by the Arizona defense had major ramifications for … Continue reading

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BSB NFL Playoff Challenge: Preview

As of Playoff Eve, the First Annual BSB NFL Playoff Challenge officially has 7 contestants.  [Editor’s Note:  two more entries were added Saturday morning.  They have been added to this preview at the bottom and will be included in all … Continue reading

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Playoff Top Twelve: Head Coaches

As we finish up our week long Playoff Top Twelve, we hit the coaches.  This ranking is done based mostly upon the answer to the question:  “Who do you trust most in a playoff game?”  I have tried to encompass my … Continue reading

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BSB Question of the Day

What are the chances that the Eagles gameplan was at least a little “vanilla” last Sunday, knowing that they might be playing the Cowboys again in the playoffs this week?

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BSB’s First Annual NFL Playoff Challenge

If you know anything about BSB, you know that we like to play stupid little games.  Well, we came up with another one.  It’s a little challenge for the NFL Playoffs, and anyone is welcome to join, if they so … Continue reading

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Playoff Top Twelve: Quarterbacks

Usually the Top Twelve lists are reserved for those select Tuesdays when I can’t think of anything else to write about.  However, because of the NFL playoffs starting this weekend, I’ve decided to forego the convenient alliteration and even more … Continue reading

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